The selection of traditional excellence

Cheeses and dairy products:

the great selection of cheeses with goat cow and sheep’s unpasteurized and pasteurized milk and buffalo mozzarella served fresh on a daily basis


white, red and rosé wines selected from the most prestigious local wineries

Selection of typical pots and jars:

sweet, savoury and a variety of fish amongst which the anchovies of the Ligurian Gulf of our own production

Sweets, pastries and liqueurs:

typical Ligurian amongst which: the famous "Fisherman’s bread "; soft almond paste amaretti from Sassello; small coffee, hazelnut and chocolate kisses; preserves; organic honey from the Sassello nature park and limoncello liqueur.

The Taggiascan products:

extravirgin olive oil; olive paté; pitted olives in brine, citrussy, candied, hot and spicy olives; different flavoured preparations for bruschette

Prestige products:

Prullier Caviar, Balik Scottish salmon and Canadian "Red King" salmon, mullet botargo, 100% duck and 100% goose foie gras, patanegra ham 5 acorns, strolghino di culatello di Zibello
(products subject to seasonality)


Fresh and dried pasta of selected rustically processed wheats.